Building/walling stone

 Building/walling stone/Limestone


Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms. It is often used as a building material. We supply Random Split Stone, Modular Split Stone, Cobble and Chiseled Edge Limestone for all your building requirements.

Building/walling stone


Sandstone is another sedimentary rock widely used within the building industry. Sandstone is a versatile material which has been used in the construction of homes and other buildings since ancient times. As it is relatively soft, it can be used to manufacture monuments and statues. Our sandstone is available in grey, brown and mixed colour.

Mixed grey & brown granite laid in courses


Granite is an igneous rock with a coarse, grain like texture. Commonly used among builders and engineers, it is an ideal material in which to build due to its beautiful colour and its durability. We use our granite to produce floor tiles, wall capping, boulders and much more. Our large range of granite products can brighten any home, business or garden.