Quarried in natural flat beds, (from 25mm to 250 mm in height), which lends itself for use as an excellent building stone available in:

  • Quality dressed regular cut stone;

  • Random rubble

  • Corner stones

  • Long lengths

  • Various tones & shades.


Like grey sandstone is also quarried in flatbeds,(25mm to 200mm in height), available in;

  • Split dressed finish;

  • Random rubble;

  • Various lengths;

  • Levellers.


With its unique buff colourings it offers a fantastic warm building stone, available in:

  • Various colours and shades;

  • Quality dressed split stone;

  • Random rubble;

  • Flat linear effect;

  • A broad range of lengths and heights.


Quarried as a large dimensional stone with unique coloring and versatile grain easily dressed, available in:

  • Quality hand dressed finished stone;

  • Large corner stones;

  • Various shades and tones.

Large building stone

Large building stone

Split dressed white sandstone with orange tints

Split dressed white sandstone with orange tints