Limestone is a durable, versatile, and beautiful kerbing stone that can be used in a range of kerbing applications. Here at Crettyard Stone, we stock a large range of limestone kerbing stone options to ensure that your property is kept looking and feeling great. Our limestone kerbing supplies are available in any dimensions to suit your specifications and are offered in a smooth and sanded finish. We also offer pitch-dressed faced limestone kerbing.


Grey sandstone

Grey Sandstone is a beautiful choice for kerbing that requires a range of lengths and heights when it comes to the stone being used. Crettyard Stone is a leading Irish supplier of grey sandstone suitable for kerbing, with various lengths and heights available and split dressed face finishes always available as an option.

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Kerbing Stone from Crettyard Stone

With decades of industry experience, Crettyard Stone is a leading Irish supplier of kerbing stone suitable for kerbing construction in a range of properties. From public properties to domestic landscaping projects, we offer a versatile selection of high-quality kerbing stone that guarantees beauty and longevity. Our kerbing stone can be tailored to suit all dimensions and specifications for a truly unique and versatile kerbing option.

Kerbing Stone FAQ

  • I need kerbing stone near me- where are you based?

    Crettyard Stone is a Laois stone supplier offering Irish kerbing stone with nationwide delivery.

  • What is the best stone to use for kerbing?

    When it comes to kerbing, using a limestone or sandstone kerbing stone is usually best as these stones are high-quality, durable, and long-lasting. Get in touch for more information o the best kerbing stone for your specific requirements.

  • Do you sell bespoke kerbing stone?

    Yes. We offer fully bespoke kerbing stone options, with all stone cut to size and finished to suit your exact requirements.